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Theoretically this code is the best you can get! In reality, like all software,
it has a few flaws. If you would be so kind as to report anything you notice in
the appropriate section of the issue tracker that would be most helpful! Enjoy!

FreeEMS Firmware

Master Branch Alphas

This code, though tested, is still very much alpha!

Bad luck with the dev branch? This code probably works, excluding known flaws, give it a shot!

Master Branch S19 Images
Master Branch Source Docs
Master Branch Source Code

Dev Branch Bleeding Edge

This code has not been tested on an engine!

Faithful testers, this is for you, please test this on your vehicles, and help close resolved issues!

Dev Branch S19 Images
Dev Branch Source Docs
Dev Branch Source Code


This doesn't run your engine, so only the latest is available!

At last, up-to-date OLV binaries are available! If you're having issues, that aren't already reported, please report them!
OSX users, please note that you have to configure your firewall to allow apps from
anywhere or it will tell you that the app is damaged and suggest you delete it.

Binaries for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux!
Maven Site Quality Metrics And JavaDoc!
OpenLogViewer Official Source Code!

Other Packages

EMStudio has been patched to resolve a number of issues, but must be
built from source, and is not available in binary form. Please contact us
for information on how to obtain a quality version of this application.
FUCT is a Python command line suite that includes a high speed loader.
The old "FreeEMS Loader" QT-based application is unmaintained and not
recommended; use the FUCT suite of applications linked above, instead.

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