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coreVarsGenerator.h File Reference
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#define EXTERN   extern


void generateCoreVars (void) LOOKUPF
 Calculate and obtain the core variables.

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Definition in file coreVarsGenerator.h.

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#define EXTERN   extern

Definition at line 48 of file coreVarsGenerator.h.

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void generateCoreVars ( void  )

Calculate and obtain the core variables.

Each raw ADC value is converted to a usable measurement via a variety of methods. They are then stored in a struct and used as input to the next phase.

TODO average the generated values here

Definition at line 50 of file coreVarsGenerator.c.

References ADCBuffer::AAP, CoreVar::AAP, sensorRange::AAPMinimum, sensorRange::AAPRange, ADC_DIVISIONS, ADCBuffers, ADCBuffer::BRV, sensorSource::BRV, CoreVar::BRV, sensorRange::BRVMinimum, sensorRange::BRVRange, ADCBuffer::CHT, sensorSource::CHT, CoreVar::CHT, CHTTransferTable, CoreVars, DEGREES_C, degreeTicksPerMinute, CoreVar::DRPM, ADCBuffer::EGO, CoreVar::EGO, ADCBuffer::EGO2, CoreVar::EGO2, sensorRange::EGOMinimum, sensorRange::EGORange, fixedConfigs2, ADCBuffer::IAP, CoreVar::IAP, ADCBuffer::IAT, sensorSource::IAT, CoreVar::IAT, IATTransferTable, ADCBuffer::MAF, CoreVar::MAF, MAFTransferTable, ADCBuffer::MAP, CoreVar::MAP, sensorRange::MAPMinimum, sensorRange::MAPRange, ADCBuffer::MAT, CoreVar::MAT, PERCENT, sensorPreset::presetBRV, sensorPreset::presetCHT, sensorPreset::presetIAT, CoreVar::RPM, fixedConfig2::sensorPresets, fixedConfig2::sensorRanges, fixedConfig2::sensorSources, SOURCE_LINEAR, SOURCE_PRESET, ticksPerDegree, ADCBuffer::TPS, CoreVar::TPS, TPSADCRange, sensorRange::TPSMaximumADC, sensorRange::TPSMinimumADC, and VOLTS.

Referenced by main().

// Battery Reference Voltage
unsigned short localBRV;
localBRV = (ADCBuffers->BRV * 14) + VOLTS(7.2); // 0 ADC = 7.2V, 1023 ADC = 21.522C
}else{ // Default to normal alternator charging voltage 14.4V
localBRV = VOLTS(14.4);
// Coolant/Head Temperature
unsigned short localCHT;
localCHT = (ADCBuffers->CHT * 10) + DEGREES_C(0); // 0 ADC = 0C, 1023 ADC = 102.3C
}else{ // Default to slightly cold and therefore rich: 65C
localCHT = DEGREES_C(65);
// Inlet Air Temperature
unsigned short localIAT;
localIAT = (ADCBuffers->IAT * 10) + DEGREES_C(0); // 0 ADC = 0C, 1023 ADC = 102.3C
}else{ // Default to room temperature
localIAT = DEGREES_C(20);
// Throttle Position Sensor
/* Bound the TPS ADC reading and shift it to start at zero */
unsigned short unboundedTPSADC = ADCBuffers->TPS;
unsigned short boundedTPSADC;
if(unboundedTPSADC > fixedConfigs2.sensorRanges.TPSMaximumADC){
boundedTPSADC = TPSADCRange;
}else if(unboundedTPSADC > fixedConfigs2.sensorRanges.TPSMinimumADC){
boundedTPSADC = unboundedTPSADC - fixedConfigs2.sensorRanges.TPSMinimumADC;
} else{
boundedTPSADC = 0;
}else{ // Reverse slope!
if(unboundedTPSADC > fixedConfigs2.sensorRanges.TPSMinimumADC){
boundedTPSADC = 0;
}else if(unboundedTPSADC > fixedConfigs2.sensorRanges.TPSMaximumADC){
boundedTPSADC = fixedConfigs2.sensorRanges.TPSMinimumADC - unboundedTPSADC;
boundedTPSADC = TPSADCRange;
/* Get TPS from ADC no need to add TPS min as we know it is zero by definition */
unsigned short localTPS = ((unsigned long)boundedTPSADC * PERCENT(100)) / TPSADCRange;
// TODO fail safe mode, only if on the ADC rails AND configured to do so
// Default to a low value that will get you home if you are in Alpha-N mode
/* Get RPM by locking out ISRs for a second and grabbing the Tooth logging data */
//atomic start
// copy rpm data
//atomic end
// Calculate RPM and delta RPM and delta delta RPM from data recorded
if(*ticksPerDegree != 0){
CoreVars->RPM = 0;
// unsigned short localDRPM = 0;
// unsigned short localDDRPM = 0;
// TODO This might get done somewhere else, separation of concerns, etc
/*&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Average the variables as per the configuration &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&*/
/* Strictly speaking only the primary variables need to be averaged. After that, the derived ones are */
/* already averaged in a way. However, there may be some advantage to some short term averaging on the */
/* derived ones also, so it is something to look into later. */
/// @todo TODO average the generated values here
// newVal var word ' the value from the ADC
// smoothed var word ' a nicely smoothed result
// if newval > smoothed then
// smoothed = smoothed + (newval - smoothed)/alpha
// else
// smoothed = smoothed - (smoothed - newval)/alpha
// endif
// from :
// for now just copy them in.
CoreVars->BRV = localBRV;
CoreVars->CHT = localCHT;
CoreVars->IAT = localIAT;
CoreVars->TPS = localTPS;
// Not actually used, feed raw values for now TODO migrate these to a SpecialVars struct or similar not included in default datalog
// CoreVars->DRPM = localDRPM;
// CoreVars->DDRPM = localDDRPM;
// CoreVars->DTPS = localDTPS;

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