FreeEMS  0.2.0-SNAPSHOT-285-g028e24c
main Directory Reference

The home of all source files used to build FreeEMS firmware.


Directory dependency graph for src/main/:


directory  assemblyxgate
 Assembly source files for the XGATE coprocessor are stored in this directory.
directory  data
 This directory contains no actual code, just data used to initialise various blocks of memory such as structs and arrays etc.
directory  decoders
 The RPM/position decoder directory contains ISR code for various types of RPM and position sensor combinations.
directory  doxy
 Files such as the source of this directory documentation which are purely present for Doxygen to parse and display are stored here.
directory  inc
 Normal header files of global or single file use nature live here.
directory  initialisers
 Files that are purely data initialisers and contain no logic code live here.


file  blockDetailsLookup.c [code]
 Memory block details lookup.
file  commsCore.c [code]
 Core communications functions.
file  commsISRs.c [code]
 Send and receive bytes serially.
file  coreVarsGenerator.c [code]
 Generate and average the core variables.
file  decoderInterface.c [code]
 shared functions used by all decoders
file  derivedVarsGenerator.c [code]
 Generate the derived variables.
file  flashWrite.c [code]
 Flash manipulation functions.
file  freeEMS.c [code]
 Here purely for structure.
file  fuelAndIgnitionCalcs.c [code]
 Fuel and ignition calculations.
file  globalConstants.c [code]
 Global constant values.
file  hc9s12xdp512elfb.x [code]
 The main linker script.
file  init.c [code]
 Initialise the devices state.
file  injectionISRs.c [code]
 Injection ISR substitutions.
file  interrupts.c [code]
 Interrupt Vector Table.
file  main.c [code]
 The main function!
file  memory.x [code]
 Region definition linker script.
file  miscISRs.c [code]
 Miscellaneous Interrupt Handlers.
file  outputScheduler.c [code]
 Precision timed output scheduling.
file  realtimeISRs.c [code]
 Real time interrupts.
file  regions.x [code]
 Region mapping linker script.
file  simpleGPIO.c [code]
 Simple GPIO functionality.
file  StaticBenchTest.c [code]
 Instantiate variables for the Bench Test system.
file  staticInit.c [code]
 Static initialisation of non-zero variables.
file  tableLookup.c [code]
 Table access functions.
file  utils.c [code]
 Utility functions only.
file  xgateGlobals.c [code]
 XGATE global vars and pointers.
file  xgateInit.c [code]
 XGATE init routine.
file  xgateScheduler.c [code]
 XGATE decoder output scheduling.
file  xgateTests.c [code]
 XGate Timing and Bit Bang Tests.
file  xgateVectors.c [code]
 XGATE Interrupt Vector Table.

Detailed Description

The home of all source files used to build FreeEMS firmware.

Groups of related files are stored in sub-directories within this directory and general files such as main.c and init.c etc are stored at this level.