FreeEMS  0.2.0-SNAPSHOT-285-g028e24c
staticInit.c File Reference

Static initialisation of non-zero variables. More...

#include "inc/freeEMS.h"
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unsigned short masterPulseWidth = 10

Detailed Description

Static initialisation of non-zero variables.

This file contains static initialisations for fields that require a non-zero initial value after reset. Zero fields are taken care of by GCC and doing this here means less init time and init code, both good things. Variables initialised here are placed together by the compiler in flash and copied up to RAM as a linear block before the main method runs. This is significantly more efficient than doing them one-by-one in an init routine.

Definition in file staticInit.c.

Variable Documentation

unsigned short masterPulseWidth = 10
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Definition at line 44 of file staticInit.c.

Referenced by calculateFuelAndIgnition(), and scheduleOutputs().