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Injector ISR shared code. More...

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void InjectorXISR ()
 A template function for ECT injector/coil operation.

Detailed Description

Injector ISR shared code.

This code is identical between all 6 channels, and thus we only want one copy of it. The X in each macro will be replaced with the number that is appropriate for the channel it is being used for at the time.

Each channel performs the following actions

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Definition in file injectorISR.c.

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Definition at line 60 of file injectorISR.c.

Referenced by InjectorXISR().

Function Documentation

void InjectorXISR ( )

A template function for ECT injector/coil operation.

Note, this function does not exist in the binary, only in source and the Doxygen docs. In contrast the 6 real ones only exist in binary and not the source or Doxygen docs, hence if you want to look at the source, this is the place to do so.

TODO *maybe* instead of checking min and increasing pulse, just force it straight off if diff between start and now+const is greater than desired pulsewidth

Definition at line 69 of file injectorISR.c.

References BIT2, Counters, DEBUG_TURN_PIN_OFF, DEBUG_TURN_PIN_ON, DECODER_BENCHMARKS, ectCodeCloseRuntimes, ectCodeLatencies, ectCodeOpenRuntimes, ectMainControlRegisters, ectMainDisableMasks, ectMainEnableMasks, ectMainEndTimes, ectMainGoHighMasks, ectMainGoLowMasks, ectMainOffMasks, ectMainStartOffsetHolding, ectMainTimeRegisters, ectSwitchOnCodeTime, edgeTimeStamp, INJECTOR_CHANNEL_NUMBER, INJECTOR_MAIN_ON_MASK, Counter::injectorSelfScheduleExtensions, Counter::injectorSelfSchedules, Counter::injectorSwitchOffs, Counter::injectorSwitchOns, Counter::injectorTimerExtensionFinals, Counter::injectorTimerExtensions, NBIT2, outputEventDelayFinalPeriodHolding, outputEventDelayFinalPeriodRealtime, outputEventExtendNumberOfRepeatsHolding, outputEventExtendNumberOfRepeatsRealtime, outputEventExtendRepeatPeriodHolding, outputEventExtendRepeatPeriodRealtime, outputEventPulseWidthsHolding, outputEventPulseWidthsRealtime, PORTB, PTIT, selfSetTimer, TCNT, TFLG, TFLGOF, TIE, LongTime::timeLong, timerExtensionClock, LongTime::timeShorts, and timeStamp.

/* Clear the interrupt flag for this channel */
/* Record the current time as start time */
unsigned short TCNTStart = TCNT;
/* Record the edge time stamp from the IC register */
/* If rising edge triggered this */
if(PTIT & INJECTOR_MAIN_ON_MASK){ // Stuff for switch on time
/* Find out what max and min for pulse width are */
unsigned short localPulseWidth = outputEventPulseWidthsRealtime[INJECTOR_CHANNEL_NUMBER];
unsigned short localMinimumPulseWidth = ectSwitchOnCodeTime + ectCodeLatencies[INJECTOR_CHANNEL_NUMBER];
/** @todo TODO *maybe* instead of checking min and increasing pulse, just force it straight off if diff between start and now+const is greater than desired pulsewidth */
/* Ensure we dont go under minimum pulsewidth */
if(localPulseWidth < localMinimumPulseWidth){
localPulseWidth = localMinimumPulseWidth;
}/* else{ just use the value } */
/* Install the low word */
timeStamp.timeShorts[1] = edgeTimeStamp;
/* Find out what our timer value means and put it in the high word */
if(TFLGOF && !(edgeTimeStamp & 0x8000)){ /* see 10.3.5 paragraph 4 of 68hc11 ref manual for details */
timeStamp.timeShorts[0] = timerExtensionClock + 1;
// store the end time for use in the scheduler
ectMainEndTimes[INJECTOR_CHANNEL_NUMBER] = timeStamp.timeLong + localPulseWidth;
/* Set the action for compare to switch off FIRST or it might inadvertently PWM the injector during opening... */
/* Set the time to turn off again */
/* This is the point we actually want the time to, but because the code is so simple, it can't help but be a nice short time */
/* Calculate and store code run time */
}else{ // Stuff for switch off time and repeat timer time.
if(outputEventExtendNumberOfRepeatsRealtime[INJECTOR_CHANNEL_NUMBER] > 0){
// this is already set from the decoder, we're just delaying use of it: outputEventPulseWidthsRealtime[INJECTOR_CHANNEL_NUMBER]
}else{ // if set to off action (implicit)
/* Set the action for compare to switch on and the time to next start time, clear the self timer flag */
if(selfSetTimer & INJECTOR_MAIN_ON_MASK){
if(outputEventExtendNumberOfRepeatsHolding[INJECTOR_CHANNEL_NUMBER] > 0){
// Disable interrupts and actions incase the period from this end to the next start is long (saves cpu)
/* Calculate and store code run time */
/* Calculate and store the latency based on compare time and start time */
ectCodeLatencies[INJECTOR_CHANNEL_NUMBER] = TCNTStart - edgeTimeStamp;