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xgateVectors.h File Reference

C header for assembly xgate functions. More...

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Data Structures

struct  xgateIntVector


#define EXTERN   extern
#define START_OF_FLASH_WINDOW   (unsigned short*)0x8000 /* 16KB long */
#define START_OF_RAM_WINDOW   (unsigned short*)0x1000 /* 4KB long */
#define XGATE_RAM_ALLOCATION_SIZE   0x0200 /* 512Bytes */
#define RPAGE_TUNE_TWO_WINDOW_DIFFERENCE   (0x8000) /*xgate RPAGE2 starts at 0x9000 but the s12 window starts at 0x10000 */
#define XGATE_INTERRUPT   0x80
#define PRIORITY_LEVEL_ONE   0x01
#define ROUTE_INTERRUPT(channel_id, cpu_assignment, priority)
#define XGATE_ERROR_HANDLER   0x0000 /* TODO Create the XGATE error handling thread in asm. */


void xgateSchedule ()
void xgatePITTurnOff ()
void xgatePITTurnOn ()
void xgateDelayCounter ()
void startXGATECode ()
void endXGATECode ()
void parameterGuard ()


EXTERN const xgateIntVector xgateIntVectorTable [121]

Detailed Description

C header for assembly xgate functions.

Because we need to call the assembly flash burning function from C code an extern function declaration is required to allow successful compilation.

Sean Keys

Definition in file xgateVectors.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define EXTERN   extern

Definition at line 51 of file xgateVectors.h.

#define START_OF_FLASH_WINDOW   (unsigned short*)0x8000 /* 16KB long */

Definition at line 54 of file xgateVectors.h.

#define START_OF_RAM_WINDOW   (unsigned short*)0x1000 /* 4KB long */

Definition at line 55 of file xgateVectors.h.

#define XGATE_RAM_ALLOCATION_SIZE   0x0200 /* 512Bytes */

Definition at line 56 of file xgateVectors.h.

#define RPAGE_TUNE_TWO_WINDOW_DIFFERENCE   (0x8000) /*xgate RPAGE2 starts at 0x9000 but the s12 window starts at 0x10000 */

Definition at line 57 of file xgateVectors.h.

#define XGATE_INTERRUPT   0x80

Definition at line 58 of file xgateVectors.h.

#define PRIORITY_LEVEL_ONE   0x01

Definition at line 59 of file xgateVectors.h.

#define ROUTE_INTERRUPT (   channel_id,
INT_CFADDR = (channel_id * 2) & 0xF0; \
INT_CFDATA_ARR[((channel_id * 2) & 0x0F) >> 1] = (cpu_assignment | priority);

Definition at line 61 of file xgateVectors.h.

#define XGATE_ERROR_HANDLER   0x0000 /* TODO Create the XGATE error handling thread in asm. */

Definition at line 83 of file xgateVectors.h.

Function Documentation

void xgateSchedule ( )
void xgatePITTurnOff ( )
void xgatePITTurnOn ( )
void xgateDelayCounter ( )
void startXGATECode ( )
void endXGATECode ( )
void parameterGuard ( )

Variable Documentation

EXTERN const xgateIntVector xgateIntVectorTable[121]

Definition at line 79 of file xgateVectors.h.