FreeEMS  0.2.0-SNAPSHOT-282-g9efc524
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oChange LogsThis page contains a list of notable changes made to the FreeEMS firmware since the last release
oCoding StyleSections:
oContributorsAlthough it may look like I do most of the work, FreeEMS is already very much a team effort
oGlossaryThe field of engine management has many technical terms and acronyms
oRelease NotesThis page contains a list of all notable properties of this release, only
oGeneral StrategiesThis page exists to document general coding strategies used in this firmware
oTune SwitchingThis feature is similar to one known as "table switching" that you may have used before on other systems except that instead of just switching the tables, the entire tune is switched
oUnlisted FilesThere are a few important files that Doxygen can not parse and produce html for
oBanked Running VariablesThis page is to document and explain the operation of the banked running variable system and structure
oTodo List
\Deprecated List