FreeEMS  0.2.0-SNAPSHOT-282-g9efc524
Here is a list of all modules:
oInterrupt Service RoutinesThese files contain special functions that take no arguments and have void return type
oEngine Position/RPM DecodersAll of the code that reads the high speed engine position signals can be found linked to from here
oCommunicationsAll files that are involved in communicating with something outside the MCU can be found here
oGlobal HeadersThese key files are included in most source files by default
oData InitialisersThese files provide initial data definitions for items that live in flash
oMeasurements And CalculationsThese files all operate on inputs in order to eventually generate outputs
oAll Header FilesMost of these are fairly uninteresting, hence being close to the bottom of the modules list
oTest FilesA very small group at this stage, this is intended to contain various files that manipulate the functional code by providing it with artificial inputs instead of real values read from sensors
oDoxygen Documentation FilesThese files exist purely to contain documentation for extraction by Doxygen
\XGATE Related FilesFiles related to XGATE co-processor functionality