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FuelTables.c File Reference

Fuel VE and Lambda tables. More...

#include "../inc/freeEMS.h"
#include "../data/tables/axis/DefaultWith400Spacing-RPM.h"
#include "../data/tables/axis/DefaultWith10and20SplitSpacing-Load.h"
#include "../data/tables/ve/DefaultVE24RPMx19Load.h"
#include "../data/tables/axis/DefaultForAlphaN-Load.h"
#include "../data/tables/airflow/flat15PercentAirflow.h"
#include "../data/tables/lambda/DefaultLambda24RPMx19Load.h"
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#define VETableMainFlashV   VETableMainFlash
#define VETableSecondaryFlashV   VETableSecondaryFlash
#define AirflowTableFlashV   AirflowTableFlash
#define LambdaTableFlashV   LambdaTableFlash


const volatile mainTable

Detailed Description

Fuel VE and Lambda tables.

This file contains the definitions of the primary group VE and lambda tables. The declaration can be found in the global constants header file.

At least one Doxygen bug prevents the data structures below being show correctly in the documentation for this file. Please see the source code itself for more information.

Definition in file FuelTables.c.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define VETableMainFlashV   VETableMainFlash

Definition at line 46 of file FuelTables.c.

#define VETableSecondaryFlashV   VETableSecondaryFlash

Definition at line 47 of file FuelTables.c.

#define AirflowTableFlashV   AirflowTableFlash

Definition at line 48 of file FuelTables.c.

#define LambdaTableFlashV   LambdaTableFlash

Definition at line 49 of file FuelTables.c.

Variable Documentation

const volatile mainTable LambdaTableFlashV FUELTABLESD

Definition at line 53 of file FuelTables.c.