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TunableConfig2.c File Reference

Small tables and other live tunable data. More...

#include "TunableConfig.c"
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#define SmallTablesAFlashV   SmallTablesAFlash2
#define SmallTablesBFlashV   SmallTablesBFlash2
#define SmallTablesCFlashV   SmallTablesCFlash2
#define SmallTablesDFlashV   SmallTablesDFlash2

Detailed Description

Small tables and other live tunable data.

This file contains the definition of the secondary set of tunable configuration data.The declaration can be found in the global constants header file.

Please ensure that any items added to the struct type definition have appropriate defaults added here also. See the documentation for SmallTables1 for more details.

For more information, please see the Tune Switching page.

Definition in file TunableConfig2.c.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SmallTablesAFlashV   SmallTablesAFlash2

Definition at line 45 of file TunableConfig2.c.

#define SmallTablesBFlashV   SmallTablesBFlash2

Definition at line 46 of file TunableConfig2.c.

#define SmallTablesCFlashV   SmallTablesCFlash2

Definition at line 47 of file TunableConfig2.c.

#define SmallTablesDFlashV   SmallTablesDFlash2

Definition at line 48 of file TunableConfig2.c.


Definition at line 49 of file TunableConfig2.c.


Definition at line 50 of file TunableConfig2.c.


Definition at line 51 of file TunableConfig2.c.


Definition at line 52 of file TunableConfig2.c.